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Second Surface


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Made in collaboration by Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza

Music: “Guitar Plume” - Portable Sunsets

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“Wearable multitouch projector”

by Microsoft researh 2012

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Cubepix Demo Test by Xavi´s Lab 

“Xavi’s Lab, the Special Projects division of Glassworks Barcelona, have created some pretty cool stuff but this time they have surpassed themselves.

We are very proud to present Cubepix, a fully interactive and real-time 4D projection mapping package. It has been conceived and developed entirely by our resident Spanish tech-genius Xavi Tribo, always at the forefront of emerging technologies and wizardry.”

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Jason Bruges at Designed in Hackney Day from Dezeen on Vimeo.


Interactive installation at children’s hospital. Nature trail, by Jason Bruges Studio.

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Submergence is an immersive array of 8,064 suspended LEDs built by an international group of artists and designers known as Squidsoup

by cosascool

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Capri : kinect for mobiles -

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IllumiRoom est un des derniers projets de Microsoft Research. Le but est ici d’immerger le joueur dans un jeu en scannant la pièce pour pouvoir par la suite projeter des images dans celle-ci afin de dépasser le simple cadre de l’écran. Une idée d’amélioration à découvrir en vidéo dans la suite de l’article.






image image image image image image -

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Interactive Corner - Today Post:

This video is assumed to use a visual aid such as glasses for augmented reality, in order to obtain information, advice, data that surrounds us, artificially expanding the senses and the perception of the environment. We are not far from this perspective if we consider the entity in the world conduct research in this direction, just think of the google glass, which should be released in the first version around 2014. We’ll talk about in a future post of this interesting project, which is expected, will influence and change the way of life of millions of people, like other technological revolutions have already done.

In questo video viene ipotizzato l’utilizzo di un supporto visivo , come occhiali per la realtà aumentata, per ottenere informazioni , suggerimenti , dati su ciò che ci circonda, espandendo artificialmente i nostri sensi e il modo di percepire l’ambiente. Non siamo molto lontani da questa prospettiva se consideriamo le entità che in tutto il mondo conducono ricerche in questa direzione; basti pensare al progetto google glass, che dovrebbe essere rilasciato nella prima versione intorno al 2014.  Parleremo in un prossimo post di questo interessantissimo progetto che , si presume, invaderà e cambierà lo stile di vita di milioni di persone, come altre rivoluzioni tecnologiche hanno già fatto.

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The BMW iWindow

Here’s a really cool idea from BMW with an equally nice execution. BMW wanted to show what the world would the future of driving could be like in New York City. So they used a crafty piece of technology to project concept cars in real-time on a window. The cars were made to look like the real, future reflections of real cars passing by. The end result is quite surreal, if not a little magical and the stats in the wrap-up video speak for themselves. Over 248,000 cars were created in just one week, which would be enough to save the commuters over $493 million in fuel. Nice work for a good cause BMW.

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Star Wars Identities interactive exhibition

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MAYA 2012 Exhibit - Penn Museum - University of Pennsylvania

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